Completed task

I still don’t have the writing bug but I wanted to share my finished task.  When I was told to take up this staff, it was made known that I needed to put some work into it.  Continue reading

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Learning about Sobek

Forgive my quiet.  I haven’t had a writing bug and honestly my spiritual life has been pretty quiet since Dfest.  I don’t sense energy but I might have over extended myself as I forgot to ground…for…let’s just say a long time.  Any way…

I woke up one day, a couple of weeks ago, with Sobek’s name floating through my mind.  I realized his name had been repeated throughout my restless night.  So I googled him and started the hunt for information.  When I told the friend, he asked me if I was working on collecting the whole pantheon.  All said in jest, but it does seem that the Egyptian pantheon is taking an active role interest my life. Isis, Horus, Bast, Anubis and now Sobek. Continue reading

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The Ancestors say…

Since Dragonfest, since the Drawing Down, I’ve been struggling.  What’s next?  What do I do now?  I spent a year preparing for it and now I feel completely at loose ends.  I’ve had a number of spiders cross my path of late.  Now I know part of that is the time of the year but the number of them in my house has been unusual.  Spider is a symbol of my ancestors, so I pulled out my Kindred-dedicated deck and asked them what is up.

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Aspecting at a Festival

I’ve been wanting to write about this but haven’t been exactly sure what to say.

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Horus Behdetite Part 4

Final continuation of my notes from this dissertation.  Part one.  Part Two. Part Three. Continue reading

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Of Bast

I’m having more and more contact with this lovely goddess so I wanted to record my impressions in one place before I did more research into how antiquity viewed her. Continue reading

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Awe of the Gods

Or the male gods at least.  🙂

I wanted to share some of my meditation with you today…or at least the parts I can recall clearly.  I’m in the midst of a bout of insomnia and sporting a doozy of a headache to boot. Continue reading

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