Full Moon for My Ladies Three

Got back Monday from our yearly (working) retreat, Dragonfest.  Had many growing moments, such as being a messenger for Mama Isis to devotees at the Drawing Down to letting my child grow up to managing a safety issue or two.

My son had a big ‘fest too.  He did the Boys Rite which he worked very hard to accomplish under the guidance one of his adopted uncles.  From homework, to learning about what makes a man, to a largish community service project.  He spent 2 nights away from camp with the other boys then they had the ritual followed by introduction to the community at breakfast the next day as men of the community.  So many men went to the ritual to support him in particular.  I was very touched although Mama Kat really wanted to drag her kitten home during the first night which was a really bad rainy night.  I needn’t have worried with whose care he was in, but this was another one of those growing moments for me too.

Son also received a message that he needed to be sure to honor a particular deity at the full moon.  That made me realize, it had been far too long since I did something a little more involved.  So I dusted off one of my older prayers, updated it for my current needs, then went out and offered prayers and incense to my divine feminine.  Didn’t go as smooth as I would like and really, I don’t have any great places around my house to do small rituals outside, but I figured something is better than nothing.

When I rewrote this full moon prayer, I had this print in mind as it reminded me of my ladies three.  I will own it someday, soonish.  During my mediation, the Ladies cleaned and polished all my chakras…a rather odd and unexpected experience. Continue reading

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Mother Isis

Been trying my hand at watercolor painting. I’m not good unless I follow a tutorial but I enjoy it any way. Here is my latest painting. I’m pleased with the wings but the arms and faces are…not great.

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Short Tale of Birth

My monitor went down so I’m doing this on my phone but I needed to share my latest meditation experience.

I’m trying to connect with Mama Isis more as she has requested something of me at the next festival I attend. I’ve been lax due to figuring out some health issues. I took the time to meditate yesterday (?, insomnia sucks).

There was only one thing I remembered. She pulled me onto her lap like I was a young child in need of a cuddle. Then she started telling me a story:

Once upon a time, there was something missing from the universe. So a child was born. The universe was a little better and a little brighter because of this child.

You are the child.

When my son got up, he crawled into my lap like he hasn’t done in a while…at 12 years old and only a few inches shorter than me…he rarely feels the need and realistically my lap isn’t big enough. 🙂 I told him the exact same tale and it really seemed to lighten something within him so I figured I’d share it here for others.

Hopefully this will lighten your spirit too.

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My first ritual in a long while

The deities of my heart have informed me that I need to get back to doing rituals.  I moaned, I groaned, I whined but they were emphatic.  Any more my path is very eclectic and every time I try to “conform” to some other methodology, I get told “No, your path is individualistic.  Walk it in joy.”  So Beltane was chosen as  the ritual I needed to do.  Problem is, it is still cold and snowy here.  Heck I woke up to 5 more inches of snow this morning.  Since I’m “on my own path” (mostly kemetic deities with an ADF emphasis on the well, flame and tree, and whatever else I’ve collected along the way), there is no one else to do the ritual with…so I’ve been keeping an eye out for solitary rituals for this spoke of the wheel.  I decided to emphasize the fire aspect and honored my hearth goddess, Bast (not a typical role for her but not unheard of either).  I found a ritual that I adapted for my use.  I’m posting it because I feel I should.  Maybe it will help someone else. Continue reading

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Tarot: The Judgement card

I’ve never liked this card.  It recalls my Christian upbringing and the whole judgment day scenario which has always felt so negative and hurtful.


Wiki Commons: Court de Gébelin essay Du Jeu des Tarots

The picture displays a pretty typical depiction for this tarot card.  An angel blowing a horn to call a man, woman and child from the grave.   Today I read an interpretation of this card that resonated so strongly with me.  I wanted to share it with you. Continue reading

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of moths and changes

I saw a moth the other day.  Not any moth, a moth I know as the hummingbird moth.

white-lined sphinx moth

best shot I could get of this fast moving moth

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Wordy Wednesday: Duality and Polarity

My deities have been repeatedly poking at me to write more.  So today I did the equivalent of throwing my hands up in frustration and saying FINE.  What do you want me to write about?!  All done via my morning tarot readings, of course.  Heru gave me 2 of Air and when I asked in what context, I got Thought reversed (Dreams of Gaia Tarot).  Then to underline that Yinepu also brought up the same theme.  Erg.  So here goes my stream of thought…philosophy is not my strong point by far.

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