Wordy Wednesday: Duality and Polarity

My deities have been repeatedly poking at me to write more.  So today I did the equivalent of throwing my hands up in frustration and saying FINE.  What do you want me to write about?!  All done via my morning tarot readings, of course.  Heru gave me 2 of Air and when I asked in what context, I got Thought reversed (Dreams of Gaia Tarot).  Then to underline that Yinepu also brought up the same theme.  Erg.  So here goes my stream of thought…philosophy is not my strong point by far.

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Poem? Prayer?

I am like sun-loving flower
Ever turning to follow
Your blazing glory
Not knowing what to say
Not knowing what to do
Bound by fears, anxiety
I am trapped
Unable to hear your words

Be my master gardener
Teach me how to grow
Help me to pull the weeds
And prevent their return
Guide my actions
So that I may be of service
Open my heart
So that my joy spills forth
Sharing your love, your wisdom
With all that would hear
No longer an earth bound flower
A joyful heart in motion.

I’m currently struggling with the whats and the hows.  To the point of inertia.  I didn’t realize how much the community I was in inspired me to do.  I’m struggling and I’ve been told to write more…

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Moon and cataract

Light night musings…

Horus’s eyes were said to be the sun and moon.

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The Great Falcon

He has risen

risen as a great falcon

emerging from his egg

with multicolored plumage

up he flies

bringing his heart from the east

He is risen

He is eternal

He is my joy

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New Experience: Met a Medium

Saturday, a friend called me and asked me if I was interested in seeing a medium.  It was a lady she had seen before and was very impressed by her.  I’ve never gone to anything like this, so I agreed.

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Hello Lady Seshat

So another of the Egyptian pantheon has made an appearance.  For those that are counting, that is 7 now.  I think I understand now why Heru told me to metaphorically clean house…err temple…err altar…

Below is a jumble of my thoughts, just to get them out of my head.

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A long quote on syncretism

I found a quote in an article by PSVL important enough to type it all in.  I think it is import because of the sneering one occasionally hears about syncretism or modern associations in Pagan and Polytheist groups.  Those that say things like:  deity A didn’t do xyz because the myths from umpteen years ago don’t mention it or that wasn’t in antiquity so it isn’t possible.

Comes from the book Waters of Life:  A Devotional Anthology for Isis and Serapis, article My Travels with Serapis (and Antinous).  Really I think it says it all.

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